temperature reducing and pressure reducing device
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WY integrated series temperature reducing and pressure reducing device is a temperature reducing and pressure reducing device which has been designed and manufactured by the company for many years and has absorbed the advanced foreign product structure and optimized by technology.

It consists of a temperature reducing pressure reducing valve, an orifice plate, a feed water regulating valve, a safety valve, a throttle valve, a shut-off valve, a check valve, a steam pipe, a water supply pipe, a flange, and a fastener. The main features are as follows:

1) The structure of the temperature reducing and reducing valve is adopted to make the steam desuperheating and decompression in the same valve, so that the length of the whole device is greatly shortened, the floor space is reduced, and the engineering investment is reduced.

2) The noise reduction orifice plate is designed according to the design principle of the small hole muffler, the throttle noise elimination effect is obvious, the noise is low, and at the same time, the flow is stabilized, so that the equipment runs more smoothly and quietly.

3) Adopting the linear double-seat structure desuperheating and reducing valve, the valve has a throttle net cover to enhance the atomization effect of the desuperheating water, protect the valve seat and the valve body, and prolong the service life of the valve. Reduced noise from the device.

         The double valve seat has small unbalance force, wide adjustment range, stable movement and no jamming.

4) The electric desuperheating pressure reducing valve and the electric water supply regulating valve are equipped with a straight-stroke electric actuator, which removes the traditional lever hinge mechanism, reduces the idle stroke link, and further improves the sensitivity and accuracy of the adjustment system.

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