Trip Servo Control Block
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 Filtration accuracy ≤40μm

Liquid temperature 10~70°C

Secondary oil pressure working range 0.15~0.45MPa

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The quick-closing servo control device is composed of a quick-closing security control device and a servo amplifying device. It has the basic functions of the speed-off security device, and in combination with the servo amplifying device, it combines two single-part sets in the system.

The functions are realized through the internal pipeline of the module, and the structure is compact. In operation, the monitoring difficulty and the accident of oil leakage and fire are avoided, and the reliability and safety of the steam turbine are increased.

Control object: main valve and regulating valve

Hydraulic parameters: oil source pressure 0.8MPa (0.6~1.2MPa)

Working medium Turbine oil 32# 46#

           Filtration accuracy ≤40μm

           Liquid temperature 10~70°C

           Secondary oil pressure working range 0.15~0.45MPa

  Electrical parameters: power supply voltage 24V DC (±10%), 220V AC (±10%), etc.

                Input signal: 4-20mA

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 80 ° C

Type of protection : IP65 (not explosion-proof)

                   EExd11CT4 (explosion proof)

               The user must indicate the type of protection when ordering.

Basic functions: on-site manual shutdown, remote shutdown, main valve opening and closing, main valve online test, emergency breaker automatic hook, emergency breaker manual hook, opening and control regulating valve.

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