EH oil supply system
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(14MPa, MOOG2 level)

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The EH fuel supply system unit provides high-pressure working medium (14MPa, MOOG2 level) that meets the requirements of each actuator of the adjustment protection system.

The oil supply device uses a phosphate anti-fuel having good flame resistance and stability as a working medium. The plunger type constant pressure variable pump is driven by an AC motor to supply high pressure anti-fuel or hydraulic anti-wear oil to each actuator and high-voltage interrupting system.

The system adopts dual pump redundancy and is mutually active and standby. When one pump is operating, the other pump is backed up to improve the reliability of the fuel supply system. The two pumps are placed below the fuel tank to ensure a positive suction head.

An oil filter and an accumulator are installed at the outlet of the oil pump to keep the oil supply clean and pressure stable. At the same time, a pilot-operated relief valve is also provided as a safety valve of the system to protect against overpressure. The system return oil flows back to the tank through the return oil filter.

The oil supply device is provided with a relatively independent circulating oil cooling and filtering system and a regeneration system, which can be put into operation at any time according to the operation of the system to improve the oil quality and control the oil temperature.

In addition, the oil supply device is also mainly configured: oil heater, air filter, magnetic filter, various valves, and local instruments for monitoring the operating conditions of the fuel supply system.

The system oil motive consists of a cylinder, an integrated block, a servo valve / solenoid valve, an unloading valve, a displacement sensor / a stroke switch, a check valve, and a pressure tap.

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